July 29th, 2008

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A lighter day

Got my day off to a good start by getting up at 9am instead of 10:30am (like yesterday). And I only teach one class today, which gives me more time to work on my to-do list. Here is the rest of my day:

  • Breakfast
  • Respond to new landlord's e-mail
  • Call Zappos
  • Call Spa
  • Submit payroll to payroll company
  • Call Gunthry about order
  • Check mail box service
  • Make deposit at bank
  • Buy bananas
  • Update lesson plan for next week
  • Call Angi
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Working on the flow

Lately I've stopped working on more advanced pole tricks and started working on my floorwork and fluidity. I do have some fluidity when I practice alone. But when I perform in public, I'm stiff as a board. My neck is especially locked, except for the frequent hair toss. I need to start making grace and flow a priority, because it can be just as stunning (if not
more so) than advanced pole tricks.

I'm working for about 30 to 40 minutes every Sunday night with a professional dancer and former exotic dancer, on my floorwork. She's teaching me some seriously advanced but beautiful floorwork. It's requiring stronger abs than I have right now. I never thought I would see the day when I have to build up my abs even more than they are now. But practicing this floorwork will certainly accomplish that.

Learning to unlock muscles that are normally engaged during floorwork is certainly a challenge. I think I need to unlearn about 4 years of the muscle locking habit and really get into wet noodle phase. But I've observed more and more that being languid while keeping a flow connection from your neck all the way to your hips is part of what creates some of that jaw-dropping floorwork that I've seen a very few and very talented strippers do.
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Year of the small breasted woman

I'm dubbing this the year of the small breasted woman, due to two of what I call my "small breasted heros."

According to the news today, Kira Knightley has asked the studio that produced her latest movie to NOT enhance her breasts digitally in the promotional material and posters. This was done in 2004 to promote one of her movies, and she didn't appreciate it. She is also my hero for posing topless, small breasts and all:

Kira has definitely sent a message that we can be proud of our small breasts, just as they are.

Kate Hudson is my second hero. And the media supported her body image as "beautiful" (small breasts and all) by putting her on the cover of People's 100 most beautiful people issue:

Kate is especially my hero because she proudly shows off lack of cleavage, consistently wearing low cut tops to show her chest. It's as if she is making a statement to the media that her body is beautiful, just the way it is. No surgery or push up bras necessary!

These two gals are my heros for making it socially acceptable and even beautiful to have small breasts. And for letting us know that even women who have more than enough money to enhance them, are happy with their bodies just the way they are.
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It turns out my contract with City Search was up and I was able to cancel my per click advertising. Yay! Only today I got a voicemail from them asking me to call them because they have some "good news" for me. You know what that means, they're going to try and hook me back in at some super reduced rate.

There are only so many days in the week and only so many hours in the day. I have fit the days and hours with as many classes and partes as myself and my instructors can teach. Granted there are a few extra time slots left, like Thursday nights (wide open, no classes). But I'm not available to teach Thursday nights and none of my instructors are either. So we're full up where ever our schedules allow. There is no point to advertising when there aren't enough days in the week to fit in any more classes or clients. And I told City Search that already.
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No sex on my license plate please

Apparently in the state of Washington, you're not allowed to keep your license plate for more than a few years. When you reach the limit, the state sends you a new plate.

I got my plate today and the last two letters of the plate are basically a sexual euphemism. To make matters worse, the letter before those is a "y". So the plate is basically asking, in abbreviation, why (or why not) do this sexual act?

I wonder how foolish I'm going to feel at the department of licensing tomorrow explaining why I refuse to put these plates on my car and why I want a new one. To make matters worse, I've been planning to replace the tire cover on the back of my truck with one that has my logo and slogan. So I'll already have something on the back of my car that people associate with sex and stripping (a pole dancer), it really would make matters worse to have a sexual euphemism on my license plate, right underneath it.

I have no idea if they will replace the plates or not. I also don't know if they can do it in 24 hours, since the tags/plates expire on Thursday. But I plan to go to the department office tomorrow morning and put my foot down and insist on a plate that doesn't have a sexual euphemism on it.
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A little excitement in class today

Today during a spin, my 6 inch high heel grazed the wall and took a sizable piece of the wall with it. There is quite the hole there now.

This particular pole I was spinning on is only about 4 1/2 feet from the wall. In the new studio, all poles will be a minimum of 6 feet from the walls. So this won't happen again.