July 17th, 2008

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Quite a scare

Nothing gives you a heart attack quite like logging into your business e-mail, after being gone only a few days, and discovering there are over 1,000 un-opened e-mails waiting for you!!

It took me a moment to realize this was actually the e-mail account of the person who used gmail previous to me, on the same computer. He must have forgotten to log out. Thank god.
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I drove the duck!

They let me drive the duck on the water! Those of you in Seattle may be familiar with the duck tours we have there. For those of you not in Seattle, the duck looks like this: http://www.ketchikanalaska.com/images/dock_duck.jpg and it drives on land and then drives right into the water. Here in Ketchikan when we were on the water, they asked if anyone wanted to drive it. I was the only one that volunteered, I was so excited! And I got pictures and video to prove it. :)

The tour was great and the history of the town was fascinated. It used to have 26 brothels all in a row on one street. And since alcohol was illegal at the time, they had to wait for high tide and swim under the brothels (that are on stilts) and sneak the alcohol up through trap doors.

And the most popular prostitute there was a gal named Dolly. She worked for three months before saving enough to purchase her own home on the street where the brothels are. Then she turned it into her own, with herself as the only woman working there. She worked from the age of 13 all the way until her 70's. When Alaska became a state and prostitution was outlawed, they forced all the brothels to close except hers, because she flat out refused to stop. They finally negotiated a 3 month "sale" with her and let her do business for 3 more months with a "going out of business sale" before she agreed to shut down and retire.

And girls, if you're shopping for a man, apparently Ketchikan is the place to be. The population is 7 men to every 1 woman.
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Life, in reverse...

I think I'm doing life reversed. Back in the day when I had jobs, if I was away for a week on a trip or something, I would start to dread the end of the week because it meant having to go back to work soon. Now I'm the opposite. I'm loving this vacation but I love my business and I really want to get back to "work".

Granted, I don't necessarily like the fact that I have do to what I do for 10 to 14 hours a day to run the business. But that doesn't change the fact that I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from actually doing it. A vacation like this is truly an adventure. But I miss the way my work makes me feel. I miss taking care of the people that need me and doing what's necessary to make sure it's always there for the women who love it.

I'm a freak of nature; I'm on vacation and I want to go back to work. I guess that means I'm doing something right. I guess that means life is good. It just took the vacation of a lifetime for me to fully appreciate that.
socks and cat

More Cage Kitten adventures at sea

We were scheduled to leave Ketchikan far earlier than I imagined, which only left me about 30 minutes to shop on shore before we left for Canada. Three girls in my seminar group also didn't realize how early the ship was leaving. They were still on shore making phone calls and shopping when the cruise ship left. And they couldn't possibly have been left behind at a worse point, given the next stop for the ship was in a different country and very expensive to fly to to meet the ship. When I'm not paying 55 cents per minute for e-mail, I definitely want to post about what happened to them after the ship left them. It was quite an exciting adventure!

After Ketchikan I went to a "behind the scenes" tour with the ship's dancers. We got to ask them questions and then got a tour back stage. The dancers have the best job on the ship (outside of being an officer). They have contracts of about 6 months. And when their contract is up, if they like, they can request it be renewed and transferred to another ship. Most ship employees are stuck on the same ship for a long time. But these performers can go from ship to ship to ship with each contract and see the world that way within a couple years.

After the tour I had lunch and then it was back for more seminar/theology. I feel like my brain and my world are expanding with each seminar. Each one doesn't just answer my questions about how life and the universe works but how to apply these principals to all the situations in my life. I'm very pleased.

After the seminar I changed for formal night. I finally got to wear a formal dress I havn't had a chance to wear yet! At dinner I decided to pretend to be a grown up and ordered all grown up thing:

For appetizers I had escargots bourguignonne and also a duck pate. I have never tried escargot before, I was terrified and it took an entire table of people to convince me to finally get that sucker into my mouth.

Then, chilled sour cherry soup with a mosaic of creme fraiche and fried ginger.

Then filet mignon and lobster tail. I've never had lobster tail.

Some one at the table shared her wine with all of us. I don't usually drink wine. I felt like quite a grown up! :)

After dinner we shut the place down talking at our table and playing a "truth or lie" game (not like truth or dare, totally different). When they finally asked us to leave so they could close the dining room, we took our little party to the lounge where we danced and finished our game.

Place your bets...

I'm an internet and blogging addict. And I run my business almost entirely from the internet. And the internet is slow as hell on the ship. Cost for the few few days was 55 cents per minute. On the Thursday and Friday the price dropped to 45 cents per minute. But the internet was extra slow on Thursday, it took about 3 minutes to do every 1 minute of tasks online.

How much did I blow on internet this week?

How much did Cage Kitten spend on internet on her cruise?

Between $75 to $100
Between $100 to $150
Over $150
Over $200