July 12th, 2008

over the shoulder Kitten


This was a very emotional day for me and I was crying like a baby on the freeway. All I had to do was envision myself on that cruise ship and I was overwhelmed with so much emotion that I couldn't help it. My entire adult life I've dreamed of this, always saying I'm going to take that dream cruise to Alaska "some day". I've been saying "some day" for so many years that I'm having a hard time accepting that "some day" is actually...well...now. The thought of such a huge dream coming true makes me cry when I actually let myself feel it. And I'll probably cry like a baby again when we pull up close enough to the docks to see that huge cruise ship stretching up into the sky (which is how it looks when you drive by the docks - like it's towering from the Bay into the sky).