July 7th, 2008


How to gamble $600

Well hellooooooo stimulus check. :) I've decided to put it away toward paying for the specialized SPECT imagining brain scan that I have been meaning to get to properly diagnose and treat my brain disability. I haven't been able to part with my earned or saved money for the $3,500 brain scan for fear of losing it. There is no guarantee that the scan can properly diagnose me. Or if it does, there is no guarantee that whatever prevents me forming or having access to long and short term memories or from focusing on anything for more than 2 minutes, is actually treatable by any medication. And if that turns out to be the case, I couldn't live with the idea of flushing over three thousand dollars of my own money down the toilet to find out that there's no hope of having a normal life. However, I have no problem blowing unexpected income on such a procedure because it's okay to gamble money you weren't expecting to have anyway. And this tax refund definitely qualifies as unexpected income.

If I can get my schedule in order, I'd like to try and get the brain scan before the end of the year. If they give me a copy, I promise to post pictures of my brain on my LJ. :)
BOOT fetish

Tanker boots

The tanker boots arrived early. They are comfortable and might not require breaking in. They are pretty butch though. I don't look like a soldier in them but I don't exactly look feminine either. I'm a girly girl, so I have to try and get used to having big, floppy, butch boots on.

I'm going to return the Doc Martens as well as the Hot Topic boots. I'm also going to donate my other two pair of combat boots to a thrift store. I would say that these puppies cover all my combat boot needs and will work nicely for the cruise.
Meushi animated

World's most expensive cat deposit

The owner of the building I'm about to lease wants an extra $900 cat deposit. I would object, were it not for the fact that I've seen my own kitty do at least that much damage. Meushi was a very sick girl the last year of her life. In spite of going to two different vets and trying all different treatments, she was either throwing up, pooping or peeing on the floor just about every day that last year. No amount of urine removal products will remove the smell when a cat pees on the same spot over and over and over right down to the layers under the tiles or carpet. That tiny little bundle of joy and love completely destroyed this apartment. $900 wouldn't even begin to cover the damage she did. So how could I possibly object? I am simply going to have to fork over $900 when I'm ready for a new cat or if I decide to foster.