July 2nd, 2008

socks and cat

No tours for this girl

After trying for weeks to decide what excursions to take on the tour, I wimped out. I booked only a tour of a castle in Canada and a cheap tour of Ketchikan. I came very close to purchasing the dog sled tour only to back out at the last minute.

My thinking is that it doesn't make sense to commit to a tour that costs several hundred dollars when I have no idea what kind of shape I will be in physically, emotionally and spiritually. I mean I am taking this cruise to take seminars with my favorite spiritual philosopher. What if I end up all introspective and just want to spend time on the ship to take it all in? And anyone remember that detox period I described that I have to go through when I try to go from 12 hour work days to absolutely no working at all for a week? What if my detox lasts for days and I just can't get out of bed at the first port where the dog sledding is?

And finally, how am I going to feel? On the way to the pride parade this weekend I drove right by the cruise line ports and much to my surprise found myself looking right at a huge cruise ship within walking distance of my car. Quite unexpectedly I suddenly burst into tears. I've been so busy stressing over purchasing a home and moving my business that I never let it sink in that I'm about to fulfill a dream I have had my ENTIRE adult life...cruising to Alaska. Once I saw that ship and realized how real this really is, I just lost it. This might just be a very emotional week for me. And I don't want to make any commitments with my money or time.

If it was meant for me to be on one of those dog sledding glacier tours, then a spot will open up for me last minute. And believe me, if I'm feeling up to going, I will check to see if there were any openings due to last minute cancellations.

photo meme

Stolen from vienna_la_rouge...

We all have pictures of ourselves in various states of being, which in general capture the essence of .. well..what we do.

So find the two most descriptive pictures of yourself and post them here. Then make it a MEME...post them on YOUR LJ for the world to see.

This one above was taken of me when I was working as a caged go-go dancer. I'm really the happiest and most fulfilled when I am performing, it is what makes me feel close to the Divine. Maybe you can see it in my face in this picture; how happy and empowered and magical I feel dancing in that cage.

This one above was taken of me standing on a beach in Hawaii (I know it looks sort of topless, but I'm wearing a bikini top I swear). I was there for a 10 day detox and spiritual retreat. So I think this picture reflects my spiritual side.

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new offer

I just did something that should eliminate most of the stress with this move. My commercial leasing agent put in a formal written offer for the $3,000 work/live space but with a request to move the actual date I start paying rent and move in to August 15th. She originally wanted August 1st and I talked to her into August 8th as a compromise. But I realize now that an August 15th date would save the day if I continue to pay rent here on my old home and old studio until August 31st. Two weeks of overlapping rent is pricey, but would give me 3 weeks to pack for the move plus two weeks to move my home and three weeks to move my dance studio (there are no classes the first week of September so that buys me an extra week). Problems solved.

The owner is a really sweet lady and she likes me, so there's an outstanding chance she'll accept my offer with the new move in date and we can sign the lease ASAP. Then I can enjoy my cruise knowing I have plenty of time to move when I get back.
socks and cat

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The owner of the work/live space heard my offer and asked the agent if it would be a deal breaker if she stood firm on the August 8th move in date. The agent replied that I had asked her the exact same thing, wondering if I would lose the deal if I asked for one more week to move in on August 15th. I think it's cute that we're both afraid of losing the deal if we stand firm on what we want.

The instructor gets some instruction

Early tomorrow morning I have 2 hours scheduled with a pole dance instructor that is visiting Seattle on vacation. She teaches pole instructors in California. I'm looking to improve my ability to teach inversions in the safest progression possible. A lot of students and a few instructors out there don't know this, but you can't just teach a student how to invert on the pole whenever they want to learn it. There are pole trick progressions that need to be learned and mastered first or students that don't have the proper muscle development yet can be injured by using muscles to invert that haven't been conditioned for those types of moves yet. It would be a lot like a couch potato that never exercises suddenly deciding to lift 160 pounds over their own head. You can imagine the kind of injuries they would be risking.

I'm also looking for some extra spotting techniques that will allow a tiny girl like me to provide physical support for girls of every shape and size as they go upside down on the pole. There are some secrets to this such as using my legs and shoulders as support rather than my arms.

I'm really excited! I can add her to my long list of qualified and experienced instructors that have contributed to my curriculum and my safety methods.