June 30th, 2008

BOOT fetish

tanker boots

Desperately trying to get supplies for the cruise last minute. I finally found a parka for cheap on eBay. I didn't want to pay more than $50 for a down parka because they are ugly and I know I'll never wear it again. But the one I ordered does not have a hood. So now I need to find some kind of water proof hat that will also keep my ears warm.

For trekking around Alaska and the ship, I wanted comfy combat boots. I got a pair at Hot Topic but they don't fit will under pants. I ordered the Doc Martens but I swear the left foot is too loose in the heel and the right foot is a bit too small and hurts my toe. So finally I just ordered these today:

These are tanker boots. And I'll only have a week or less to break them in - assuming they fit.

I also need a cheap pair of binoculars and maybe a folding umbrella more sturdy than the one I have now. I'll try and fit in a trip to Target and maybe a sporting good store. It's challenging packing for a trip in which the weather will be between 55 to 85 degrees on any given day.
socks and cat

Pride Parade

The freebies at the pride parade this year were pretty cool. I mean usually you just get free condoms and free candy tossed at you. This year I got a coupon for $5 off my next purchase at Whole Foods and also a coupon from Alaska Airlines for 10% of my next flight. Score!

I also had great seats in the shade and great company (some of which brought rainbow jello shots for us)! And I got to see friends in the parade, including one that was naked and painted like she was on fire. As she said, apparently naked lesbians on fire are very popular at the parade! :)

The funniest part of the parade was the reaction to the female fire fighters. They walked along side their fire truck and women in the parade watching crowd kept running out into the path of the parade and throwing themselves down onto the street as if they were in distress - so the fire fighters would rescue them! One after they other, lesbians were dropping like flies in the street! It was so much fun to watch them being rescued and helped up by the fire fighters.

The parade has sadly gone very commercial though. More than half the entries were advertisers just trying to get business. Some of them at least wore rainbows or something so they looked like they were part of the parade. But in one case a giant van just drove through with signs about condos and the website and starting prices of said condos. I just don't think people should be allowed into the parade to only advertise, unless they are going to provide something entertaining. I mean these condo people didn't even try! If I ever join the parade, I'll provide a pole and we'll do pole tricks all the way through the parade.
cat outline

I will never trust attorneys again

I left the new attorney a polite but threatening message on his voicemail today. I gave him until midnight tonight to call me or I told him I will file a complaint with the Bar Association tomorrow. Not that I have time to fill out that kind of paperwork. But he said it would be two weeks to write the contract and it has been 6 weeks. I would say a month late is more than generous before reporting him to the Bar. So I will just have to make the time somehow, even if it means sleeping less. When the move is finished I will also take him to small claims court to recover the $800 I paid him.
socks and cat

(no subject)

It's funny how fast the attorney got the contracts to me after I threatened to report him to the Bar. I told him that unless he was available over the next two days for questions and new drafts, I expected a full refund. I'm not paying for something that is 4 weeks late unless he's going to do the rewrites before our meeting in two days. If the contracts aren't ready for the meeting and signing, they are worthless.
socks and cat

If only there were two of me

I was just sent the lease by the $3,000 work/live space. It appears I will be forced to relocate there by default. If I stop and take time to read listings and make calls and visit commercial spaces for lease, the business falls apart because there is no one here to answer the e-mails, return phone calls, follow up things like contracts, re-write the lesson plan for the new trainees that start next week, pack for the trip, pack for the move, research cruise excursions before the deadline, etc.

If I want the business to keep running, I can't take time off to search for a new location for the business. So as tiny as this space is and as expensive as it will be to get 12 1/2 foot poles made for it, I don't seem to have a choice. And I certainly could do worse.