June 29th, 2008

cat in the snow

Should I book it?

I only have 3 days left to book excursions on the cruise in July. The dog sledding is almost completely sold out. Last chance. Should I do this??

I'm NOT a fan of nature. I love to look at it and admire it, not be out in it. I'm wondering if this is too nature like. And this excursion is a lot of money to spend on something I may not even remember a month later. What do you think, is this the adventure of a life time or a waste of money?

Is this...

The adventure of a life time.
A waste of money.
socks and cat

doing some research to help decide

I have been too busy and swamped to check the cruise message boards but finally made some time tonight. These folks that post on the boards LOVE cruising - and there are a TON of them. They do it again and again and again. From what people are saying, it's the best vacation you can take in your entire life. I can imagine why, since you get to relax and enjoy meals and activities on board and then all kinds of unusual and once in a life time adventures at all the ports.

Word on the boards is that if you're going to do the dog sledding, you need to choose the one on Mendenhall Glacier. Even tours of the Mendenhall glacier without the dogsled ride is supposed to be so breathtaking and beautiful that it can't even be described in words because there are not sufficient words in the English language for anything this stunning. But all the daytime dog sled tours on Mendenhall Glacier are sold out and there is only a 4:15 left. I wonder how cold it's going to be at 5:00pm at night on a Glacier? And how many on board activities will I miss if I do this? I will certainly miss dinner with my group.

I have also been told you can book a tour and sled ride that is not provided through the cruise line and my research has turned up 3 other companies that do this. But I also have to be very careful not to end up on one that makes me miss the cruise ship actually leaving at the end of the day. Note to self, call cruise line tomorrow and ask what time we leave Juneau and call Temsco helicopter tours and ask the price of the dogsled tour.

sleeping cuddly kitten

wake me please

So beginning tomorrow I have to start retraining my body and my internal clock to wake up much earlier. If I don't, I will be absolutely miserable on my cruise being up at 7:30 each morning for the workshops and seminars.

I am going to start easy, probably waking up at 9:30am every day this week. Who wants to call me at 9:40am to make sure I'm really and truly out of bed and not just throwing the alarm clock across the room so I can sleep in? Replies are screened.