June 28th, 2008

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Another successful tour

My group was very well behaved tonight. They tipped a lot and they bought lap dances. A few actually purchased lap dances just so they could watch each other get them. I guess they wanted to know what one looked like. If a girl on stage was really good, like mad pole tricks kind of good, my girls practically rushed the stage afterward to toss money. And they kept commenting about how talented some of the girls were. I was impressed by how long they stayed. We arrived just before 9pm and when I left around 11:30pm, some of them were still there having a good time.

And Lola was working tonight. Oh my god, Lola. I've seen a TON of dancers but none compare to Lola. I don't know how she does it, but when she is on stage, she somehow manages to make you feel like you're having sex with her. So when she leaves the stage, you're torn between running after her (like wait, I wasn't done yet!) or reaching for a cigarette. She's slow, fluid, sensual and looks like she's in ecstasy while she's up there. If you live in Seattle, you simply MUST go to the Lake City Way Deja Vu to see Lola.

Much to my surprise, some of the dancers recognized us right away. When we walked in, one said, "Oh, are you that pole school?" I don't go there often, but we're practically famous there.
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I did it! I taught 3 parties in one day. My throat is uber soar from yelling lesson break downs and instructions over loud music and loud girls for 6 hours. Plus my body feels like it just ran a 6-hour marathon. The girls were wonderful though. I'm going to collapse now. I may have to skip all the special pride themed events tonight.