June 19th, 2008

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Quote of the day (with participation)...

I haven't done quote of the day in ages. But I found a quote in the book I'm currently reading that I'd like to share for comments/input:

"When I want for you what you want for you, then I truly love you. When I want for you what I want for you, then I am loving me through you.

So, too, by the same measure, can you determine whether others love you, and whether you truly love others. For love chooses naught for itself, but only seeks to make possible the choices of the beloved other."

My questions for all of you are:

1. Do you agree or disagree with this quote, and why?

2. Can you share an experience in your life in which this applied to you or where you learned this is or is not true?
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peer pressure

I ended up forking out the big bucks for the lucite framed thing announcing that I'm an audience winner on City Search. I tried telling them that I could have one made myself by a designer and framed for about half what they wanted to charge me - I thought they might come down in the price if I did. But then they told me that if I did that, my plaque would not match the other ones displayed all over Seattle. That's when I remembered that sweetestkiss said she had seen those City Search winner plaques displayed in other businesses that had won. If I make my own, it won't match what is displayed in other businesses. And matching means people recognize more readily that I'm an audience favorite in Seattle.

I got pressured into it. But I've spent that much on a sexy dress before that I only wore once or twice. So it's a good investment considering it will be displayed on my studio wall every single day.
socks and cat

Two spaces to think about..

If you want to know how the space I looked at today turned out, you can click the cut and see pictures of it. It's a bit trashed, so obviously it needs fixing up. But the price and dimensions are right and the lack of windows is what I've been looking for. Maybe it would be worth investing the money for the improvements...

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