April 27th, 2008

socks and cat

my special Saturday

Yesterday was a truly extravagant day and I wish more days could be like it. ocicat and I went to see Cirque du Soleil for our birthdays. There were some truly jaw dropping and breathtaking moments during the show. That's definitely the first time I've seen aerialists performing from giant, swinging chandeliers (see pic below). Afterward we had a dinner that is far beyond anything I could ever prepare at home, so it was special to me. I absolutely stuffed myself. And then I got dressed up in my beautiful new rhinestone top and we went dancing at Noc Noc. And did I mention I actually fit in a pole party before all this, so I was able to make some money on top of all of that? I don't think I could ask for a better day.

socks and cat

Like a tiara for my boobs

Note to self; wearing an expensive rhinestone top to the club makes you feel like a million bucks! Some one at the bar said it was like a tiara for my boobs! :)

Other note to self; skip the expensive top next year and spend the money on better Cirque tickets instead. Loved the show, but the view from the $60 each cheap seats are not so great. Spring for the $120 seats next year!!
socks and cat

Hear about me on the radio

The radio promo is back on. The rep from the radio station renegotiated the deal to one that won't cost me nearly as much money. I'll be the featured website of the week all this week on the half price offers website that is heavily promoted through 4 different Seattle radio stations. KWJZ will also be doing 20 second spots for Pole for the Soul and I get ownership of those spots if I want to play them online or pay another station to run them. But we haven't produced the 20 second ads yet, that comes later. They will also be running a banner ad that they designed for me (and I approved) on rotation on the radio station's website.

My name does get mention on the radio stations this week when they promote their half price offers website. To hear what it will sound like on the radio, click the link below.


Classes are still selling out quickly. But this is to promote pole parties and exotic dance parties for bachelorettes during this busy bridal season. I can always fit more of those in now that I have other instructors!