April 25th, 2008

cat in the snow

Oh sure, NOW you restock it.

Well I certainly would not have blown all that money on a club top had I known that Lip Service was going to restock this coat and carry it my size again! I wanted this coat like crazy but Lip Service discontinued it. Now it's back in every size!! The only way I could truly justify the expense if I could wear it on the cruise. I need to buy a warm coat and their instructions said you need to dress for 50 degree weather. But I'm fairly certain this gorgeous Lip Service jacket would not keep me warm in the cold. Just guessing.
socks and cat

dies from the cuteness

I wish this video was longer than 35 seconds. I could watch it for hours.

Gotta love the white one with the black face. He appears to actually be sitting on one of the other kittens. And he also puts up a paw to lean on one of his buddies for balance.