April 17th, 2008

go-go outfit kitten - letters by shaycbt

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Assuming I have the time and energy to go out dancing tonight, I will finally get to wear my new Victoria's Secret rhinestone skull and crossbone bikini top! w00t!

That is all.
socks and cat

(no subject)

I am about three days behind on answering both business and personal e-mails. I also missed reading LJ yesterday and today. I've been taking a little "for me for my sanity" time but boy does it put me far behind. My apologies if I owe you an e-mail.
BOOT fetish

happy feet

I got this foot massager at Good Will today for only $5. My feet are already very happy! Granted the massage it gives your feet is average at best (did I mention it gives you a heated massage?). But when your job requires that you wear six inch platform heels, a foot massage anytime and everytime you want it, is a dream come true.