April 15th, 2008

socks and cat

Another happy customer

This week is the first week of the new session. That means lots of girls showing up to their introduction to pole dance class on the first day. They have a great time when they start learning their first moves and tonight (Monday) was no exception. One girl was having such a great time learning her first pole move that she actually squealed while she was on the pole! We all looked at her to see what she was squealing about and she looked back at us delighted and said, "This is fucking fun!!"

I *heart* my students!
socks and cat

One last birthday celebration

For anyone who couldn't be at the club last Thursday night, we're having a sort of unofficial small gathering to celebrate my birthday at Noc Noc this Saturday. Please join us! E-mail me for time and details.
socks and cat


I had to call the passport office today because a couple things on the passport application didn't make sense (like maybe if you want my previous passport number in box #2 you should actually say "previous passport #" below or around box #2).

I spoke to two separate agents who told me there is currently no back up of passport applications. This is because the deadline for having a passport to visit Canada has been extended. If you are going to Canada by car, you do not need a passport to re-enter the US, not until June 2009. You only need a passport for Canada if you are traveling by plane or ships (as I am).
lesbian wedding

Why gay couples can't get a divorce after they marry

According to an article on Yahoo, gay couples are facing legal problems when trying to divorce. Some actually can't get divorced and are stuck being married to one another. Massachusetts is currently the only state in which gay couples can legally get married (nine other states have civil unions and or domestic partnerships, but no marriage). So couples from all over the country go to Massachusetts to get married and then go home after the wedding.

So guess what, they can't get divorced! Massachusetts law requires that they be state residents to get a divorce, meaning they must move to Massachusetts and live there for at least one year before they will be granted a divorce. You would have to uproot your entire life and give up your job, your friends, all your ties to the state you live in and live in Massachusetts for a year or you are stuck being married to the person you no longer want to be married to. And you cannot divorce in the state you live in because no other states recognize your marriage as legal, so they can't end a marriage they don't recognize.

Basically if you're gay, and you go to the only state that will permit you to marry in order to marry, you are permanently married unless you are willing to uproot your entire life and move.