April 11th, 2008

socks and cat

Thank You

Now that's what I call a birthday! When I had to schedule that search engine marketing workshop on the evening of my birthday, I thought; well...I guess I don't get a birthday. But then I rescheduled it for Wednesday only to find I needed that evening to finish training my new contractor before her first time teaching on Friday. So I figured; I still don't get a birthday. I did squeeze in my usual night at the Thursday night club, but I figured it would be like any other Thursday. What I got instead was a real birthday! I got hugs! I got birthday greetings! I got sung to! I got a gift and I got flowers! And I got to dance the night away surrounded by the company of people that make me feel like a welcome part of a community. I couldn't ask for more, thank you!!

And the online gifts you posted were truly touching. All of you remembered different aspects of me and my life and what I like and it made me feel very special that you all know and support all those different parts of me. Do you realize that through that post, I got everything I ever wanted?

All of you that replied to that post and all of you that helped me celebrate last night, made me feel very special. Thank you!