April 10th, 2008

socks and cat

The state is after me

I checked my business mail box today and found a TON of mail from the Department of Labor & Industries and also the Department of Licensing and the State of Washington. I have labor law posters I'm supposed to put up (yeah, that's attractive in my studio), reports to make to child services letting them know who is working for me so they can garnish their wages if they owe any child support, new licenses because once you have employees you have to be licensed differently, a quarterly report to file with the worker's compensation division (with no instructions on how to do this of course) and classification and rate notices on how much I have to pay for every hour that some one works for me.

Holy cow. When you hire people, the state is all over you like white on rice. I'm going to have to pay some one just to help me manage and figure out all this paperwork.