April 9th, 2008

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Can I trust the passport office?

My cruise leaves in exactly 3 months. The passport office says that they take 6 to 8 weeks to "process" my passport application. Assuming it doesn't take a month after they process it to mail it to me, that SHOULD be enough time. But I'm wondering if I should pay the $60 extra fee to "expedite" my processing and have it done in only 3 weeks. I absolutely hate the idea of paying $60 for something I don't need. But I wonder if it's worth the peace of mind. I would be pretty screwed if I didn't have my passport in time for the cruise.

Pay $60 extra to expedite my passport?

Yes, better safe than sorry.
No. If they say it takes only 8 weeks then it will take only 8 weeks.
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Keep them or return them?

So when I said in my last post that I hate to spend money on things I don't need, I may have lied. This last weekend I purchased these at Macy's.

I love them but I'm thinking about returning them because I feel guilty spending so much money on something I may only get to wear once or twice. They were quite expensive. And I almost never wear sandals. I'm a boots kind of girl and even when it's 85 degrees outside I wear boots. Plus I almost never wear high heels (except for classes). High heels are bad for your knees and bad for your back and trying to balance in them takes the fun out of dancing. Yet when I saw these shoes, I loved them immediately. The straps and buckles on the side make them kind of gothy. Although I think the front is a little more gladiator than gothy.

All I know for sure is that when I put them on, I feel all sophisticated and sexy. I'm just not sure where to wear them.
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not again

Just when I was trying to forget how much I've lost my faith in people...

This video shows the damage that people do to their homes when they are forced to move out due to forclosure:

I've seen this behavior a lot as well. People screw up, and decide some one else should be punished for it. Or even if they didn't mess up their finances and they just fell on unexpected hard times and couldn't pay, what is the point of making the bank pay for your misfortune? It's as if people expect banks to either let them have the house for free or they'll punish them by doing thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to it.

Seriously. Alaska anyone?
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Holy cow, THAT'S the lap dance!?

Well now, THAT was fun! In all the time I have been teaching lap dance to workshops and parties, I have never actually had a woman give me this particular lap dance that I put together. So this evening when I was having my new contractor go over the lesson plan with me in preparation for her first teaching gig on Friday, she did indeed give me the lap dance that I'm teaching her how to teach. And...well...HELLO! I was so intimidated at one point that I actually squealed uncontrollably. It's quite an amazing thing to watch a woman with that much power and control over you doing nothing but things that were designed to be physically and emotionally pleasing and exciting to you...all while making eye contact. As the recipient I truly felt simultaneously overpowered and pleased in a really exciting way.

I think until now I never realized what I was unleashing in this city of Seattle. Dozens and dozens of women are taking this out of my classroom and are doing it for their very surprised and excited partners. I'm definitely glad I developed the intermediate workshop in addition to this. This kind of experience is unique (unless your partner frequents strip clubs) and special and I'm thrilled to be expanding it into the realm of the everyday world.