March 31st, 2008

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A redesign opportunity

The pain in the left side of my neck got considerably worse after I taught one class and then an exotic dance party on Saturday. I was so heart broken that I couldn't go out dancing Saturday night and that I was going to have to stay home and ice my neck instead...that I made a de-stressing pit stop on the way home from the exotic dance party. I stopped by the Broadway Boutique, known to those of us girl in Seattle as the "slutty clothing store." To console myself and my growing physical pain, I purchased this:

I love converting lingerie into club clothing and this one will be converted into something stunning and not sleazy like I did with this one. I'm going to add a black bra underneath it, but in a way that makes it look like it's part of the top. Then the net layer on the bottom will be layered over a sheer, ankle length spiderweb black skirt and hot pants. The goal is head turning, but not sleazy. And I know I can put my own personal redesign style into it an come up with something no one else will ever be seen in at the clubs.
socks and cat

holy crap this hurts

I am not accustomed to being in this much pain. My neck pain has gotten steadily worse since last weekend and now it just throbs and shoots pain down into my body and spasms. Sometimes when I teach I think I'm going to cry or throw up because it makes it so much more worse. But I can't cancel classes. And if I can just make it through one more week of this awful pain, the following week is my week off between sessions (no teaching!).

The irony is that this is the week I told the auto insurance company that I was closing the claim related to last year's auto accident. Treatment has been going on for 7 months and the accident was just too small to justify any further treatment. So I have to close the claim while in more pain than I have ever been in.

I talked to my doctor to find out what is the most ibuprofen I can safely take. He said I can take 600mg. Maybe even push it to 800mg. Friday is my next day off from teaching. There is nothing I can do but take a ton of ibuprofen all week until I get a rest on Friday. Then after teaching a class and a party on Saturday, I will get to rest for a week. Please wish me luck hanging in there!
socks and cat

makes me smile

An unsolicited e-mail from the exotic dance party I taught on Saturday:

"Thank you for a fantastic time on Saturday! All the girls really enjoyed the class even the ones that were a little apprehensive. We were all practicing for the remainder of the weekend all the moves we learned."
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New class just added

For the first time ever, Pole for the Soul is offering 4 Introduction to Pole Dance & Sensual Movement classes instead of 3. And for the first time ALL of them are taught by my new instructors. However, most of them will still be taught with me there as a teacher's aid (to help the new instructors as they acclimate themselves to teaching classes) so it doesn't mean any extra time off for me (in fact, more classes than usual means less time off than usual). But this is an exciting step for myself, my instructors and the school.