March 30th, 2008

rhinestone lips

my new crack

This is my new crack:


I may have given up both processed and raw sugar in 2006, but I never lost my sweet tooth. Plus I absolutely love sweets that are tart and sour. This juice is all natural (no added sugar) and sweet and tart as hell. I have it all the time with salt and vinegar potato chips.
socks and cat

I get strange offers like this sometimes...

I got the strangest response to one of my Craig's List ads for my exotic dance parties. It was just a man saying to send him my phone number so he can contact me. Had he checked my website he would have found my voicemail number on my contacts page, so that gave me the impression he's not interested in my professional services. I wrote him a polite e-mail back explaining why I don't give my phone number to men. I did tell him that if he would tell me what services he was interested in and who it was for (his wife? his girlfriend?) that I would call him if he included his phone number.

His reply is below the cut.

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What he says might be true. But his approach doesn't strike me as one of a successful business person. Even though I have zero interest in making instructional videos or promoting consumable health products, I might have at least taken a meeting and heard what he had to say if he was more articulate and professional in his approach.