March 25th, 2008

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please refer me to your loan person and real estate agent

As many of you may already know, my dance studio will be torn down around September to make room for townhomes. Dance studios in Seattle cost at least a couple thousand per month and I refuse to burn that kind of money on rent. I would rather see it go toward an investment like a home. So the plan is to purchase a home (in an area that permits commercial use in the home you live in) and convert the living room/dining room (or maybe a large basement) into a dance studio.

The mortgage loan person I spoke to over a week ago was supposed to e-mail me some paperwork to get me started on the loan application process. I don't know if she never sent it or it just never got to me. But the fact that she didn't follow up with me to find out why she hasn't gotten it back tells me she is clearly very busy and I fell through the cracks. I need a broker who will follow up with me and bug me, that's what I need to fit my work/personal lifestyle.


Seattle peeps, please recommend:

1. A mortgage broker

2. A real estate agent

Thanks all!
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I give up!

I give up. I'm overwhelmed and clearly can't do all the admin side of my business. I just e-mailed a friend and offered her about 8 hours a week working for me. In case she's not available, anyone else in Seattle want a few hours a week of work? My office is in my home, so you would be working out of my home with me. This a for real pay check kind of job (not under the table) so you must be okay with getting a real paycheck with taxes taken out and stuff.
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What do you think?

I'm interested in hearing what you guys think of this opportunity I just got. I would be exchanging half price gift certificates to my workshops in exchange for advertising. I have to give them a minimum of 50, which is a total cost to me of $1,250. No money is paid to them, I just lose that amount in revenue because of the half price coupons. In exchange I get:

  • One week of a minimum of five (5) online or on-air giveaways supported with a minimum of ten (10) on-air name mentions on at least one of the four stations
  • Your link on that station’s contest page for a minimum of one week
  • One week as the featured merchant on the “Half Price Offers” web page
  • E-Blast with name mentions to our listener database
  • Exposure on the “Half Price Offers” web page for one full year with links to your website.

The half price offers program is promoted with:

  • Mentions on all four stations directing listeners to the “Half Price Offers” page on our websites.
  • Program mentions in each station’s Loyal Listener Club E-Blasts.
  • Website banners in rotating positions on each of the four stations’ websites.
  • Mention in a minimum of fifteen (15) :60-second on-air announcements, M-Su, 12am-12am (BTA) among the four stations.

I also get a one week excluse feature on their website. I asked to be featured on the week that my class registration opens for the next session.

As was brought up before, this is not to promote my classes. Classes are consistently sold out. But wedding season is upon us and it would be a great opportunity to promote my bachelorette pole parties and exotic dance parties as well as my pole dance and exotic dance workshops. This exposure could also lead to more possible press attention. Should I do it?