March 20th, 2008

socks and cat

working vacation

So much for leaving for the convention early. Just as I was about to get ready, my payroll service e-mailed me forms to sign. They have the wrong Employer Identification Number on the forms, which is my fault because I somehow got two different numbers from the IRS (one for me personally and one under the company name) and gave them the wrong one.

I won't have time to fax the corrected forms back to the payroll service before I leave, so I'll have to print the new ones up and take them with me to the convention and fill them out there and fax them from there.

Yes...I'm working on my vacation. Oy. But it's the only way to make sure my new instructor trainees get their first paychecks by April 1st.
socks and cat

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Since I'm leaving shortly I'll have to write more about this when I get back. But I just got an opportunity to have Pole for the Soul mentioned on 4 different radio stations in exchange for giving them 50 half price coupons to talk about on the air. For those of you in Seattle, the stations are: kwjz, movin92.5, warm 106.9 and kixi.

I'll post the details and the total cost to me next week. I'm interested in hearing if you guys think it's a good deal.