March 17th, 2008

socks and cat

Yes, another Norwescon question

Is it okay to wear a skirt like this during the day at Norwescon with my goth belly dance costume? My understanding is that the revealing stuff should be saved for the evening parties and dances. But this skirt is only see through lace on the sides. It is solid black in the front, solid black in the back, and doesn't show anything but thigh and legs (but shows it all the way up). Are there other girls walking around during the day in costumes that show their thighs and legs too? Or would this be inappropriate?

socks and cat

advertising at Norwescon

Is there anyplace at Norwescon where it is appropriate to post or distribute my pole dance school cards? I ask only because if I do so, my share of the hotel and all my meals will be tax deductible.