March 8th, 2008

Nathan & Kitten

keeping my fingers crossed for tonight

I might be out of my mind thinking I can go out clubbing to Noc Noc tonight. I teach a level three class at 12:30. After it is over I have only an hour to eat lunch and pack up the car before I head over to the studio I rent in Capitol Hill where I am teaching an exotic dance party to a minimum of 13 excited and squealing bridesmaids. That's close to 4 hours of teaching plus some prep, packing and set up.

I'll be very sad if I don't have the energy to go out tonight. I deserve a night out after working this hard. At least my body is in good shape after that amazing massage yesterday. Hopefully that will make a difference.
Red Headed Kitten

Because talent and charity work are a devastatingly sexy combination

Just when I thought Josh Groban couldn't possibly get any sexier, I found out he is the ambassador of Nelson Mandela’s global campaign to fight HIV among children. There is nothing more attractive and sexy than a person who cares about the welfare of others and makes a positive contribution to and an impact on the world.


I ordered all his CD's and they are supposed to arrive Tuesday. My downstairs neighbors will probably hate me after that.

I believe I'm officially a "Grobanite."