February 19th, 2008


eBay boycott

I just found out there is a massive eBay boycott going on. We're not supposed to purchase anything on eBay until after the 25th. The reason is a new rule that goes into effect next month in which sellers can no longer leave feedback for buyers. I actually like this policy, and I'll tell you why...

I have shopped eBay for more than 10 years. In that time I have certainly had a seller screw me over a time or two. But I was afraid to leave negative feedback to warn other buyers. Because I have a 100% positive feedback rating right now and feared a disgruntled seller taking revenge for my negative feedback by posting negative feedback on my account as well. So to preserve my feedback rating, I have had to let bad sellers slide without posting negative feedback. With this new rule, I can call it like it is if they screw up the sale and are not open to resolving the problem -- without fear of retribution.
socks and cat

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I forgot to mention in my previous shopping post that I also got these!


They are thigh high socks, which are SO much more comfortable than thigh high stockings. I have seen these online but could never find them in stores. I was so happy to finally find them!