February 14th, 2008

socks and cat

Cage Kitten does Deja Vu strip club next Wednesday

Happy Valentine's Day my LJ sweeties!! My V-day gift to all of you...well, all of you in Seattle anyway...is a live striptease and pole dance. Please note I said striptease (the word "tease" means there won't be any nudity).

By request of my level 2 students, a group of us are going to do amateur night at DejaVu on Wednesday evening February 20th. I have put together a little sex-etary/teacher/naughty librarian type outfit (they all kind of dress the same) to strip out of. Don't expect a super show. Performing in front of strange men is not my thing and I'll likely be so nervous I'll fumble about with less than my usual confidence. But a whole bunch of us girls are going and we'll be hooting and hollering and throwing dollar bills in support of one another. So it will be a blast! You guys are welcome to attend as well, you may just be outnumbered by us girls.

Of course there are 3 Deja Vu's in Seattle and I'm not saying which one publicly. But if you would like to go support us next Wednesday, e-mail me or post a comment and I'll send you the exact location (if you ask on LJ the reply will be screened so only you can see it).
Dancing in B&W

My custom made song

One more Valentine's Day gift for you all. I'm sharing a song with you that Jai and I made together when I visited him in California in December. And the voice in the song is mine! He has a recording studio in his home and I offered up a few phrases. In the song I'm saying, "turn off your mind, tune into your senses." These words are part of a technique for meditation that I teach to my pole students to help them dance naturally as an expression of themselves rather than as performers just doing a routine.

The song has all the things I like in it; a tribal beat for belly dancing, monks chanting for that gothic/dark tone, swirlyness and a soft melody layered over it. Layered music like this helps me get out of my head and just dance from a blissful, non-thinking place. So it's made just for me! But I want to share it with all of you. I know the gothy/swirly stuff may not be to everyone's liking. But let me know what you think.

Clicky: http://www.poleforthesoul.com/images/sensedance.mp3

Pride & Prejudice

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Instead of going out and being all Valentiney tonight, I'm taking clients for a private lesson. When did I become so UN-romantic!?