February 13th, 2008

socks and cat

can't wear the dread falls pole dancing after all

So tonight I discovered that you can't actually wear pony falls for pole dancing. Or I suppose you could on the pole, but then you couldn't do any floorwork with the pole moves. Below is a picture of some students in an exotic dance class doing a common floor move:

A lot of moves involve the kind of arch that rests the top of your head on the floor like that. And the top of your head is where you have to wear the pony falls (if you wear it anywhere else, it can slip off). So basically I'd be stifled while dancing because I'd have to fight the natural flow that brings dancers into floorwork off the pole. If I did any floorwork like that, I'd be unable to rest my weight on the top of my head or while I try I'd push on the pony fall and couldn't arch without knocking it. And because the dread pony falls are so long, they actually get in the way when rolling about on the floor. So they just make floorwork too difficult, if not impossible.

I'm so sad. I feel like I'll never again experience the feeling of long, flowing hair flying about me and caressing my back as I pole dance. I want my extensions back!!!!
pole kitten inverted trick

My proud moment

I collected written feedback from my students after the lap dance workshops. One of the reviews blew me away. This particular student looked more comfortable with sensual movement than any first time student possibly could be so I asked her during the break what kind of dance experience she has. It turns out that she takes pole dancing from my dear friend and competitor with the other pole school in town.

I have often thought the teacher at that school (my friend) is a better instructor than myself. This is not to say that I'm not a fabulous teacher. My students tell me I am. But the other instructor used to be both a ballet dancer and a pilates teacher. So she has a better understanding of movement and more experience teaching. She also does not have a learning disability, so she can retain and pass on far more information than I feel I can. Yet this is what the student that takes her classes said about my workshop:

"I've taken pole dancing before at a different studio but this was the first time I've been able to use floor moves and really learn how to look and be sexy while taking off my clothes."

Okay...holy cow! The other teacher teaches floorwork and a little bit of striptease. So it blows me away that we both taught her this and I'm the one that finally made her feel sexy and able to use her floorwork. I don't think I can post her testimonial on my website because I don't want anything on it that makes another pole school look less able than mine (especially when it is run by a supportive friend I love). But that testimonial made me realize I really do have things to offer that students may not get from her classes. It's really not about either of us being better instructors. Some students probably just learn better with her and some learn better with me. Maybe it's like dating. It's more about compatibility with teaching styles than one person being better than the other.