January 29th, 2008

Whip Kitten - letters by goingdowntodie

Wish me luck with this one

I just spoke to my accountant. You know that cruise to Alaska I want to take this summer? If I can convince the cruise director (or whoever is in charge) to let me teach a workshop on the cruise, I can write off the entire cost of the cruise! They don't even have to pay me, so offering it for free might help convince them. I can offer it for free as long as I get something in writing from them saying that I taught it. I'm not sure how open a family cruise line will be to having some one teach an exotic dance workshop. It would probably save me about $700 in taxes if I can convince them to do it.
socks and cat


Fretting about my workshop on Sunday. If it snows, I'm screwed. I did e-mail everyone attending and told them not to assume the workshop is canceled if it snows and that I would call each of them if it's canceled.

However, the owner of the studio will be out of town during my workshop. She was going to just leave me a key until I pointed out that I need her (or some one there) to show me how to work the sound system. At first she told me to just figure it out on my own. But I put my foot down because it's too much of a risk to have students show up and not be able to figure out how to to get the system to work with my mp3 player. She's trying to find some one to be there to show me. But she leaves town tomorrow, so there isn't much time for her to figure it out. At this point I have no way of knowing if I can even get there and no way to work the sound system when I do.
Red Headed Kitten

Seattle PI article (again)

The new ETA for the article that I'm in to come out in the Seattle PI is Thursday. It keeps getting moved up though, so you never know for sure. Those darn important life events that they have to report keep happening and taking up all the space in the paper. Wouldn't you know it. I'm glad for the delay though because the last estimate was a Saturday. And who the heck reads the newspaper on a Saturday?

I'll be rushing to a news stand first thing Thursday morning to buy a copy. Of course for me "first thing Thursday morning" means about 11:00am or so.