January 26th, 2008

socks and cat

another trial and tribulation that goes with owning a business

I just gave up $175 in income for nothing. I often have to turn down events and workshops and gatherings on the weekends because clients reserve my time on the weekends and I can make the most money on the weekends. Sometimes just 4 hours on a weekend can pay the entire studio rent all month. So I'm not about to turn down that kind of money for anything...

...except this once. I really wanted to attend a workshop this afternoon. I turned down a client and $175 to be there. I just got an e-mail saying the workshop this afternoon is CANCELED!

Turning down money to actually enjoy myself and enrich my life is a REALLY difficult decision. So after making such a hard decision, I hate to find out I made it for nothing. $175 down the drain. And on top of that, now that I took the afternoon off for the workshop I have nothing to do (except work, but I needed a break from that).
Meushi Eyes

The queen of snuggle

One of my nicknames for Meushi was "best snuggler in the whole wide world." She knew just how to curl up you and nuzzle your face or your neck or rest her head on your chest. She was also a snuggle slut and would snuggle anything and anyone. Take a look...

N was minding his own business and reading my lesson plan when Meushi jumped up and crawled into his arms:

Shane lays down on my floor and is mounted by a snuggle monster:

quicksilver1 was fiddling with the internet connection on the floor when Meushi decided she wanted some cuddle. She settled for the back of his leg:

Meushi introduced me to "manage-a-cat". When I snuggled with my sweetie on the sofa, she would find a way to be on both our laps at the same time!:

If there is no human around to snuggle, she'll settle for anything. I left this stuffed animal out because I was planning to donate it. I found her spooning it:

She's such a snuggle slut, she would even settle for a bag of chips:

She was also a snuggle stalker. Here she is waiting in my bed in just the right position to nuzzle my face when I lay my head on that pillow...

Because Mommy and Meushi cuddle is the best kind.

sleep snuggle

Baby girl, mommy misses you. I know you're still here with me but I ache to feel your cuddles and nuzzles again.