January 9th, 2008

Couch Kitten

45 minutes of lap dancing

I just finished 45 minutes of lap dancing. Yes...45 minutes. I have the lap dance workshops to prepare for and a private student coming in next week to learn lap dance so I knew it was time to break out the lap dancing dummy and go over my notes and start practicing those moves. And the more I practiced, the more I enjoyed it and wanted to keep going.

After letting my inner temptress out to play that way, I am now feeling so alive that my entire body feels like it is buzzing from my hair all the way down to my toes. I feel powerful, confident, sensual and like an irresistible goddess. I had forgotten that lap dancing is really an art we learn to feel beautiful and alive and sexy from the inside, and not just something we do to please a partner. I do market it as a partner oriented thing, because that's what women respond to and that's what makes them sign up for the workshops. But they're all in for a surprise. I can't wait to for my workshops so I can have a room full of women that feel as beautiful and empowered as I do right at this moment.
gun metal lolly pop

It truly is blissful!

Giving up sugar December 2006 meant giving up ice cream. The only sugar free ice creams out there are made from artificial sweeteners that are harmful to your body like Splenda and NutraSweet (and both those artificial sweeteners stimulate insulin just like sugar does). I can still find pies and cakes sweetened with fruit juice or honey, so I still get to eat those. And there is candy made with maltitol, a sweetener derived from alcohol that does not stimulate insulin production. So I can have candy. But no naturally sweetened ice creams out there. It's been awful going without ice cream.

Until now. While I was in the Bay Area, Jai introduced me to this brand:

All their products are made with coconut milk and sweetened with agave nectar. It's expensive, but worth every penny. Check out the all natural ingredients in one of the flavors:

Ingredients: organic coconut milk, organic agave syrup, organic fair trade cocoa, organic vanilla extract

It doesn't taste sugar free, it tastes just like ice cream. For those of you that can't have dairy or also want to avoid sugar, I highly recommend this brand! Seattle folks can find it at PCC and Whole Foods.