January 7th, 2008

socks and cat

Seattle PI today

Just finished the photo shoot with the Seattle PI. There is a very good chance the story will run tomorrow. The story is basically one about women that followed their dreams and made them come true. I'll be featured along with some fabulous other gals in the story. bellypriestess you may want to catch that story since the other women wrote and had their books published!

I don't know that it will bring much attention to Pole for the Soul. The business and all it offers will be mentioned, but I didn't ask if she would include the website name again. I'm just happy to be in the paper again. I'm sure I'll buy up a bunch of copies and send a few to out of state family members.

EDIT: The story won't run tomorrow and is being held until later this week or early next week due to the Golden Globe news they are going to be publishing instead.
socks and cat

no more black mini dresses for Cage Kitten

I picked up this collar and matching belt (the belt is in my hand in the picture) at a leather shop in San Francisco over the holidays. It's actually a leather collar and the little metal things are attached to it. But I like it because it looks like a steel collar.

I wanted to wear it to Noc Noc last Saturday but I needed something simple to wear so that the collar and belt would be the focus of the outfit. I found a simple, black mini dress in my closet and wore it with my new badass stompy goth boots and the collar and the belt. It felt a little funny wearing something so simple to the club. Usually I love to dress up all goth costume like and wear something that makes me feel spectacularly pretty or pretty spectacular. But last Saturday I settled for something simple to show off the new boots, collar and belt.

We were there pretty early and at one point there was no one on the dance floor but 3 girls. It was a good song and I was getting ready to head for the dance floor myself when paraventur pointed something out I had not noticed. All three girls on the dance floor, although they were not together, we wearing pretty much the same thing: a black mini dress with a pair of flat black nearly knee high boots. Yes, exactly what I was wearing! I suddenly lost interest in dancing, at least until there were more people on the dance floor.

That's the last time I dress simple to Noc Noc. I'm used to getting compliments on my outfits, whether for how they look or just for the creativity of designing them and putting them together. It feels good to express myself and be appreciated for it. So to switch from that to just blending in, just didn't work for me. No more black mini-dresses for me.