January 2nd, 2008

socks and cat

exotic treasure?

I need to get moving on sending out the schedule for my pre-Valentine Day workshops. I never did find a name for the intermediate lap dance class that I felt comfortable with. But then I read a quote from a woman that was being used as a testimonial for a magazine that helps women feel good about themselves. It said: "I am an exotic treasure" by a gal named Ellen. I read that and thought, what woman does NOT want to feel, when she is around her partner, like she is an exotic treasure?

So I'm looking for a play on these words to title the intermediate lap dance workshop. Something along the lines of "Exotic Treasure - Intermediate Lap Dancing to discover the exotic in you." Or a description that says, "Now that you've learned the basics in the beginner lap dance and striptease worskhop, deepen the connection to your sensual side and discover the exotic in you with more advanced and seductive moves and techniques." How does that sound?
socks and cat

wrapping up taxes

I must be one of the few people in the country actually excited about paying my taxes. I just gave my December records to my bookkeeper so we can get the annual report to my accountant so that I can file by January 15th (to avoid having to file the last quarter by just paying the balance of what I owe for the year). I have diligently put 25% of everything the company made this year into a savings account to pay my taxes (and paying quarterly out of that savings account). And given the huge number of deductions I have this year (including a laptop and 3 business trips) I feel pretty certain that some of that money in the savings account will be left over for me after I pay my taxes. Maybe not as much as I expect, since the sales tax I charge also has to come out of that account. But I have my hopes up that there will be enough in there for a trip. God knows I work insanely hard and I so deserve a vacation.

Also after my bookkeeper finishes my books this week, she'll let me know what my income was for the year. I really have no clue what it was and I can't wait to find out!