December 16th, 2007

socks and cat

Super heroes and one elf

Last night was just what I needed, it was fabulous! I made sure to leave extra early and we got to Noc Noc just in time to get seats at the table I always wanted to sit overlooking the dance floor. The music was actually about half danceable compared to how it used to be only about 20% danceable. Loving the new mix of music and I got to really get my dance on. Got some wonderful hugs from friends and folks I just don't get to see often enough...thank you! And I continue to feel blessed by the kindness of strangers at Noc Noc. It really is a friendly place.

Normally I don't have the energy to head over to the Mercury after Noc Noc but we made a point of it since I had other friends I wanted to meet up with at the Super Heroes & Villains themed event they were having there and one of the friends with me had never even been to the Mercury yet. I got to see more folks I don't see often enough and the hugs and the greetings made me feel so happy and so welcome. Surprisingly I never got tired and found myself very comfortable on the dance floor for a long time.

There were some casualties though. I lost an earring so new I had only had it for less than a week. And I lost one of my rhinestone cuff bracelets that I made myself. But I had such a wonderful time last night that it was worth it. Thank you everybody!

And my PVC naughty goth elf costume was a big hit too...

socks and cat

First day of new instructor training

The first day of teacher training just completed. One teacher trainee was sick with a fever and showed up anyway. One was still getting over a bad cold and made it anyway. The other was without a car this weekend but still made it. My girls are troopers, I love them!

They all liked the material and I think I might have surprised them with how much content there was. I'm so proud of my program and training instructors is truly one of the proudest accomplishments of my life.

Technically I'm supposed to be on vacation next week but I'll have my computer with me and will no doubt be pounding out more teacher training material at the airport, on the train, in the evenings when my day has wrapped up, etc.