December 7th, 2007

Katana on red

no circus for me

I guess I'm going to the clothing swap on Saturday night instead of Cirque du Noc. Not one of my friends has mentioned that they are going to the Cirque ball. I love balls. LOVE them! But I love them more when my friends are there.
socks and cat

change of venue for Valentine's Day

I have switched my pre-valentine's day lap dance and striptease workshop to Dance Underground in Capitol Hill. It's much more expensive (I'll end up paying about $210 in rent for all three workshops), but the ambiance is much better there. They have Christmas type string lights all along the floors and you can turn out the studio lights and just have the soft, romantic glow of the string lights. It is similar to the effect I have in my pole studio. I know it's better to give up a little bit of profit to have a place that makes the girls feel comfortable.

I hope to start registration the first week of January. Now I just have to decide on the tuition cost.
socks and cat

(no subject)

I love this gift idea. offers their "Happy" fragrance in a bottle that they will customize with any picture. Unfortunately yesterday was the deadline to get your order in by Christmas. But I think with the right picture, this could make a really wonderful and unique gift.

socks and cat

business is good

In just 24 hours my January pole dance workshop sold out except for one spot. Just one spot left! This tells me that I should schedule more of these. The problem is that the only day I have available to fit them in is my one and only day off...Sunday. Actually Sunday won't be a day off anymore anyway. As of January my Sunday nights will be devoted to training my new instructors.
socks and cat

hair drama

Hair extensions do in fact come out. The first time one of them came out it was in the shower. I felt something creeping down my leg and actually screamed when I saw the small bunch of blue/gree hair sliding down my leg to the tub. To me it wasn't any different than seeing a chunck of my own hair sliding down my body. It was cause for great alarm at first.

It happened a couple more times in the next week. But yesterday in class was by far the most embarrassing mishap with the extensions. Apparently a larger piece of the blue/green hair had come loose. I was teaching the girls how to strip off their shirts and as I stripped off mine for demonstration, it caught on one of the loosened extensions and actually pulled it off with the shirt! I quickly grabbed it and found myself in the awkward situation of wondering where or how to hide the hair that I had in my hand. There really was no way to set it aside or dispose of it without them seeing I had just lost a piece of my hair. Not that they don't know the blue green hair is not my own. But still...kind of awkward.

I guess losing a few pieces of the extensions here and there is normal. But it does make me less likely to want to have them redone again when they grow out by February.