November 29th, 2007

socks and cat

my new elfy stocking socks

I am still on that mission to find a pair of jeans that actually fit me so I have something non-wrinkling to pack and take with me when I travel next month. My first stop was Fred Meyer because they carry a good selection of Levys. Well none of their jeans fit me, but I did find these adorable pair of striped elf socks with the little white furry cuffs at the top. I absolutely love them! I think I'll have to hit Noc Noc just once more in December so I can wear them with my PVC mini skirt and santa hat!

rhinestone lips

get your lap dance on

I just booked studio space to teach my annual pre-valentine's day lap dance and striptease workshops. They will be Sunday evening February 3rd and Sunday evening February 10th. Registration won't open until January. But mark your calendars now ladies if you want to give your sweetheart a surprise for Valentine's Day!!
socks and cat

it arrived

Remember that item I won on eBay that never arrived even though the post office delivery confirmation says it was delivered? Well it arrived today!

It's an ankle length black fringe skirt, sort of like this one pictured below:


Now imagine it over a pair of hotpants with thigh high boots, or some other goth version of the outfit. I wasn't planning on going out dancing tonight. But now that this arrived and I have something new to wear, I'll definitely be going out. Yay!