November 21st, 2007

Red Headed Kitten

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mecracker didn't just bring me chicken soup, he made me chicken soup! Best chicken soup I have ever had. He also taught me how to mix orange juice and selzer water to make a yummy orange soda. I feel SO much better!
socks and cat


Tummy better. My body is kind of weak from what it's been though and is telling me it would like to rest all day. But I don't see myself canceling yet another set of classes tonight. The price I pay for teaching tonight may be having to stay home tomorrow and miss the Thanksgiving festivities with friends. That would bite.

I have not even put the January class schedule up on my website yet and I'm already getting e-mails from girls asking when they can register for January classes. I can tell that January is going to be a very popular session. Girls want to do something new to start off the new year.