November 15th, 2007

lesbian wedding

big year for engagements

A huge number of people that I know got engaged this year. Many of them never could have guessed a year ago that this would have happened and it has completely transformed their lives. One of them is even off on her wedding/honeymoon combined trip even as I write this, and expecting a child that she never thought she would have. It's amazing the surprises that life holds for us all. It just goes to prove that we never really know what's waiting for us around the corner.


My wireless internet seems to have lost strength. The reception goes in and out and the indicator shows less bars than usual. I have new downstairs neighbors. Could this be an indication they are using our internet? We have the only non-secured internet in the area (there are about 10 others that we can detect here but all are security enabled). Or could there be another reason for this problem?

And what is required to security enable our comcast wireless?
pole kitten inverted trick

my new idol

Who knew!? There is a world pole dance champion teaching pole classes in Bakersfield. I wish I had known this before I booked my flight to California. I would have stayed an extra day to try and get a lesson with her. Check her out, she is incredibly graceful and sensual: