November 11th, 2007

socks and cat

SeaCompression and costume idea

I got sensory overload at SeaCompression within about 3 minutes. The costumes were outrageous and crazy and the place was packed wall to wall with people wearing them. It was like Halloween on acid. There was lots to see, friends to run into, performers, flashing lights, music, etc.

I got to see Pyrosutra perform and they are by far the most talented fire performers I have ever seen. Wow!

One girl's costume was a dress that was covered in those tiny little one inch mirror tiles (see pic below). She looked like a disco ball! I asked her if she made it and she did indeed glue every single mirror to that costume herself. It tied on the sides, so she didn't have to worry about the fabric being flexible or stretchy to get into. I would like to order some of those mirror tiles and try just gluing them to a belt and a bra to start. It's very flashy and eye catching.

red pvc pants

explicit vs. clean

I'm starting to feel like I can't win with these hip/hop songs on iTunes. I downloaded a couple for classes and chose the "Clean" version because I have a professional class and swearing just isn't necessary in the song lyrics. But it turns out the "clean" version of the songs sound silly because there is just empty space (no singing) where the dirty word used to be. It interrupts the flow of the rapping or singing and we all know what he's saying there anyway.

Last night I went to download "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy because I heard it on the radio and thought it would be a great song for performing. I chose the regular explicit version so I won't have all those blank spots in the song that they do in the clean version. Boy do I regret that. Imagine my surprise after I downloaded it and listened to it. It turns out they say "fuck" 23 times in this song and "nigger" 14 times. Yes, I actually counted. I so do NOT want to perform to it now. Nor do I want to pay to download the song yet a second time for the clean version. I feel like once you pay for a song, you shouldn't have to pay for it a second time. Why doesn't iTunes have the radio edits instead of just making you choose between the explicit version or one with the swear words blanked out?
gun metal lolly pop

Asylum anyone?

With Thursday being Asylum night at the Mercury, I thought it might be a chance to wear my PVC nurse uniform (see pick below). I even recently purchased a pair of thigh high stockings that have a bow and a medical cross symbol on them, made just for sexy nurse costumes! But every friend I have spoken with says they are not going to that event at the Mercury on Thursday.

I'm not even sure if I could make it even if I planned to go. That night I'm also attending a networking event for women business owners that may not get out until 8:30pm or later. But if I did want to go to the Mercury afterward, is anyone else going?

No heartbeat?