October 24th, 2007

Dress Back

Got a cheap seamstress?

In March I posted about buying this gorgeous dress to wear to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. But the company/catalog I ordered it from sent me the wrong item, so I never got it.

So guess what? Today I took a break from running errands by parousing the used costume section of Value Village (a thrift store). And what do I find on the rack for $20? THE dress in my exact size!! Only the hand beading was in black rather than silver as pictured in that link above. But otherwise it was the exact same $160 dress for $20!! Of course there's a catch, the zipper is broken. But when I tried it on the dress was absolutely stunningly sexy and elegant at the same time. So I purchased it anyway, broken zipper and all.

I stopped at a very cheap dry cleaner on the way home and asked how much to replace the zipper. Alas, $45 or more because it is a very long zipper sewn into sheer fabric. And of course I need to dry clean it since it is a used dress. That's another $30 because of the hand beading. So by the time I pay the $20 for the dress, $45 for the zipper and $30 for dry cleaning it ends up being a $95 dress. It would probably be worth it if it were the silver beading like I really wanted and had ordered in the first place. But the black beading doesn't show up like the silver beading, so I don't want to pay $95 for the dress (I'd almost rather pay $160 and get the silver beaded one). But I paid $20 for it, I would like to wear it at least once. I could even throw on a black witch hat and wear it as a sexy, elegant Halloween witch costume. How can I replace or fix the zipper without paying $45?
socks and cat

every girl should have one

The new Victoria's Secret catalog just arrived. I feel fairly certain that I cannot live without the new rhinestone encrusted waivy lace bra. Darn thing is $100!!

I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it on...right? So I put one on hold downtown.