October 17th, 2007

Dress Back


The guy I hired to shoot the video of the performances at my party has not been able to get he video to me yet because he's having some trouble compressing it to fit on a DVD. The performances lasted less than one hour. If a 2-hour movie can fit on a DVD, why does something less than one hour have to be compressed to fit on a DVD? Is it because it was shot digitally?
socks and cat

updated my profile page

Unfortunately some folks using google to find a pole school in Seattle have been directed to my LJ profile page. It doesn't happen often, but it shouldn't happen at all. LJ is about my personal life and any posts about my business are generally of a personal nature such as how I feel about something in it, asking for suggestions and input on some of my business ideas, my frustration with little things that often come up when you're running a business, etc.

I should probably resolve this by simply removing all references to pole dancing or teaching from my profile page. But teaching is a huge part of who I am so I don't want to do that. Instead, I just updated my profile and reduced the amount of references to pole dancing. I also made a note that my LJ is not associated with my business. Hopefully that will help.

I do actually have a separate blog on BlogSpot for my business. But I have been too busy to update it. I also recently set up a MySpace account for Pole for the Soul. But I haven't given out the web address for it to anyone since it lists my location as Western Australia and all my attempts to correct that aren't working. But once I figure that out, I'll have a separate space online for my business.
Luke & Leia

from Yahoo News

Apparently this same scream track has been used in movies for the last 50 years, including 3 different Star Wars films and two Indiana Jones films. Check it out...