October 1st, 2007

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this Wednesday at Noc Noc

Only two days left to practice before my performance at Noc Noc on Wednesday night. I didn't invite you Seattle folks because I figured if you're coming to my birthday party on October 13th, you'll see almost the exact same routine. Myself and about 6 students are doing pole performances. But I just realized the performances will be kind of different.

The Wednesdays nights at Noc Noc are an exotic cabaret and most of the performances are damn sexy. So I'm free to add all the naughty floor work and such to the routine. But at my birthday party, well, lets just say that folks are coming to celebrate with me...not watch me writhe around on the floor suggestively like a stripper. So basically this Wednesday's performance will be the sexier version of the routine. Assuming of course I'm not too nervous to do the sexy moves. I'm not used to performing in public!!

Show is supposed to start at 10pm at Noc Noc on Wednesday. But I have yet to see it start before 10:30. There are some great performers there, sometimes even fire dancers and a trapeze artists. Come on out and support us all if you can stay up late!