September 21st, 2007

socks and cat

yay for no-shows

My private lesson at 1:00pm today was a no show. Thank goodness!! My back is pretty beat up from a combination of the accident and lots of dancing and teaching. I would like nothing more than to take it easy today and ice my back. The gal I had booked today didn't have a deposit in because she is an exotic dancer and we do a trade. Usually I teach her pole tricks and she teaches me lap dancing moves. But I feel like I'm pretty full as far as lap dancing goes and I need to be practicing what I do know rather than trying to layer on new moves. So it all worked out for the best today.

I'm teaching a tiny pole party tomorrow afternoon. I don't usually do reduced rates for small parties of just a few girls. But given my drug addiction, and by "drug" I mean shopping and clothes, I figured it might not be a bad idea to pull in a little extra money this week. Speaking of being a clothes addict, I'll be wearing my new custom made corset and matching arm warmers tomorrow night at Noc Noc. I've never worn clothing before that had skulls and cross bones on them. It makes me feel pretty bad-ass!