September 19th, 2007

socks and cat

bullets and laptop maiden voyages

It looks like the new laptop will finally make it's maiden voyage out of the home. The sole washing machine in my building is broken and the landlord says it will be 3 weeks before the new one arrives. So it's off to the laundry mat we go. The stuff I want to work on today does not require internet, so it won't matter if there's not internet there. However, I do need a desk to sit down at. So if there isn't one then I'll have to work across the street at Starbucks.

In other news, I'm sad about my bullet belt. I am learning to live with the fact that none of my jeans fit and I have to go jeans shopping soon. But the fact that the bullet belt no longer fits me and just slides down my hips to the floor is not okay. I love that belt and I've wanted one like it for years! I'm going to ask quicksilver1 if he knows how to remove a few of the bullets to make it smaller. After 2 tours of duty in Kuwat and Iraq, I'm thinking he can probably figure it out.

Excited about new training

I just registered for the Diksha training that will be all day on Saturday October 27th. I can't believe I'll be getting up early and then being in training all day on my favorite party day of the entire year. I also turned down a chance to teach the largest exotic dance party I have ever been asked to do on that day so that I could attend the training. They had 17 girls that wanted to participate, which would have added up to about $550 for me before taxes (obviously a lot less after taxes). But my personal growth and development have to come first before money. And I would like to eventually go back into doing energy work and healing people. This will, without a doubt, compliment the energy work I already do. And no doubt after this workshop I'll be running around looking for people to practice on. So watch out Seattle friends, I'll be coming after you!
socks and cat

I'm converted

Wow, this whole computing from a coffee shop deal totally rocks. I only have 30 minutes and then I have to pack up the computer and go across the street to put the landry in the dryer. So far I have learned that a week day afternoon is a great day to go to a laundry mat. It's deserted and I had all the machines to myself and I'm doing 3 loads at once. But on a week day afternoon the coffee shops are packed. Tully's is so full that there's no place to sit with my laptop. But Tully's is the only one with free wi-fi. I went across the street to Starbucks where there are more open seats, but you have to pay for AT&T to get wi-fi. I did a quick check though and discovered that Tully's wi-fi reaches all the way across the street to Starbucks.

Next to me in the coffee shop is a group of light hearted, funny old men. They are bantering and joking and it's delightful to hear. Having a home office is really quite boring because you never get out of the house. Now I'm surrounded by new scenery, people walking by, interesting conversations around me and even a fireplace. It's official. I'm a laptop convert!

Edit: Holy cow it just gets better! Starbucks has a little mini fruit and cheese platter I can munch on while I work.