September 18th, 2007

red pvc pants

How to bed a goth chick...

I found this in an online forum and was shocked by how accurate much of it is. You can click the link below to read it all, but here is an excerpt from it:

"Not playing a violin here. The point is this: Some, and arguably all of these people have very real problems with identity, with depression, with existential ANGST. When they all come together they can relax. For many, Goth clubs are the only places where they can actually express themselves freely without fear of ridicule."

I suspect a bit of it is innacurate, like the idea that guys become goth because of hot goth chicks. And I don't know about the whole sex in the bathroom at goth clubs and goth after parties thing. I was and occasionally still am active in the goth community, but wasn't paying much attention to who was having sex where. So if it's true, some one else will have to tell me. But most of what you read here will be entirely true...

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