September 17th, 2007


Something new

On Sunday I got to try a form of alternative energy work called Diksha. I liked it. I liked it a lot. There are all kinds of energy work out there, I'm trained in one of the methods already (Chinese Energetic Medicine). But it is rare to find one in which you feel immediate results.

They are offering Diksha training the last Saturday in October and I'm seriously considering taking it. It will certainly mess with my Halloween plans though. And Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I would have to get up in the morning about 3 hours earlier than I'm accustomed to and an all day workshop and lack of sleep will no doubt leave me pretty mentally taxed by the time all the Halloween parties start up in the evening. Not to mention all the Halloween events I'll have to skip on Friday so that I won't be out too late to get up early on Saturday. But when you're goth, every Saturday night is pretty much Halloween anyway. I think this will be well worth missing the parties this year.

Now I just need to figure out a way to incorporate Diksha into my pole dance classes. Because this would make the training tax deductible.
socks and cat

adding this to my "to do" list

Ritz Camera stores can convert your VHS tapes to DVD. It costs $20 for the first two tapes and $5 for each additional tape. FINALLY! I have a ton of old home videos I would like to have converted. I'll probably end up spending $100 to do it. But then I could actually edit them and even post them if I wanted to. Not to mention making more room in my closet by throwing out a ton of old VHS tapes.