September 5th, 2007

cat on a pole

My first feline student!

As I opened the studio for my workshop tonight, students began to wonder in the open front door one by one. And a cat wondered in. Apparently she wanted to try pole dancing too. Sadly, she did not register or pay in advance. So we had to throw her out before we started.

"Mardee" the cat scopes out the workshop studio

cat takes pole dance class

Mardee gets comfortable on one of the mats we use for sensual floor work.
She's ready to go!
kitty yoga
go-go outfit kitten - letters by shaycbt

I can quit anytime I....ooooh shiny!

I try not to go out of my way to go shopping for club clothes. I have two closets bursting full of them. But both darkfleamarket and gothicreations are on my friends list and so the items keep coming up as I read my friends list. I know I should un-friend them so this doesn't happen. But I so enjoy them! I did order that custom skull and crossbones corset with the matching arm warmers. And yes, I found them (or the gal that custom makes them) on my friends list. Can't wait for them to arrive!