August 29th, 2007



darkmane fixed my CD drive problem. Apparently Roxio software had to be removed in order for the drive to work. I don't even need Roxio.

My internet continues to become slower and slower and I wonder if it is due to the ridiculous number of internet signals going through my home. There are something like 5 from the neighbors, all security enabled. If I move my computer to the living room there is an 6th signal from a non-secure source as well. Once I get a case for this laptop I'd like to take it to a coffee shop or some place with only one signal and see if it operates faster. Something has got to change because I'm tired of sitting back and reading a book while I wait for web pages and pictures to load. I thought the whole point of getting a new computer was to be able to cruise the net at high speed. And given that I do 90% of the non-teaching portion of my business on the net, I definitely need a faster connection.
socks and cat

Found this in my business e-mail

This was in my e-mail today:

"You did a party for me and my friends back in June, and we haven't stopped talking about it since."

She went on to ask about registering for classes and also the ladies only strip club tour I'm offering next month. Her compliment made me happy. :)
Katana on red

FREE sexy goth dress

Who remembers me in this dress? I haven't worn it for at least a couple years and I have more than enough dresses for fetish events. So I'm giving it away. It is fishnet so you can wear anything under it or nothing under it.

It is one size fits all because it will stretch to fit anyone. Please post a comment telling me why you want it and/or what you will wear it for. ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED. It will go to the person that needs it the most or has the best use for it. If you are not able to pick it up from me in Seattle then you must be willing to mail me one priority mail stamp to cover shipping.