August 24th, 2007

socks and cat

bracing myself for the weekend

Another 12 hour work day today for sure. My October workshop sold out already so I'm going to set another one up for September 4th. I have to review my bookkeeper's latest stats, write some checks, reply to a week's worth of class inquiries, return phone calls about parties and classes, etc. Last weekend felt like a vacation because I had only one pole party all weekend long. Today I teach at two bachelorette parties, Saturday I have one, and I somehow managed to book one on Sunday even though it is my only day off every week.

To help keep me sane I'm having dinner with a friend tonight as well as plans to (as tired as I may be) join friends at Noc Noc on Saturday. I'm really grateful to everyone that makes plans with me on the weekends so that I don't end up just working myself to death.

I also went dancing last night to blow off some steam. My favorite quote of the night was a friend that said, "I've never seen this much of you before!" Yes, my outfit was skimpier than usual. I have two closets full of club clothes dammit and I plan to wear as many of them as possible! Saturday night will be more PVC than skin. Gotta have a little variety in my week. :)