August 21st, 2007

socks and cat

Quote and saucy pic of the day posts?

I will be bringing back "quote of the day" soon. The quotes are always followed by questions for you folks to answer with your opionions, usually related to the quote and what you think it means or how you would apply it to your life. I think I stopped posting them at some point because saucy pictures of me in slinky club outfits got WAY more responses than those quote posts that challenged everyone philosophically. Makes me wonder if I should combine them. You know, saucy Cage Kitten picture and quote of the day combo posts. Except I have a ton more quotes than I do pictures. Maybe I'll just post pics of OTHER saucy girls with them. Yeah, that might work.
socks and cat

It's never too early to be thinking about Halloween

I was at the costume and party store last weekend looking for some special lights for a pole party when I saw this white velvet witch hat:

I purchased it to go with a gorgeous Stevie Nicks style white velvet and fringe dress I got at a clothing swap but have no place to wear. But when I got home and tried them on together, they looked more like a witch hat with a dress than a total witch costume. Since the dress is sleeveless, I need some kind of arm accessory to make it more costume like. Gauntlets just like this with long flowy fabric hanging from them, only ALL in white, would be perfect:

I don't know how to use a sewing machine and I don't think I can make those by hand. So I've been trolling the internet trying to find some pretty, white velvet or sheer gauntlets. No luck. Any suggestions of where I should look to find something like this to complete my costume?