August 13th, 2007

socks and cat

Episode 2 of the Pick Up Artist

I watched "The Pick Up Artist" again tonight and I was a little disappointed that we missed the actual lesson he gave the competitors. But we did get to see them put it into action at a club so we get the gist of it. Having a new look and having a game plan. Here is what they did:

1. They changed their look. They learned to add something a little edgy to their look but still something personal to them rather than fake. One guy has a tiny bit of blue in his hair. A couple of them pierced their ears. The guy that looked like a 20 year old frat boy put on a dark suit and looked fantastic. In the end it was about having a look that made them feel confident as an individual.

2. The opener. They learned to ask questions when they approach people (not just women, but groups of men and women as well). They were questions that engaged people like "I have a friend that has a girlfriend but he kissed another girl. Is that cheating?" or "Do you floss before or after you brush?" (this line was really successful when some one asked two girls who were together but gave different answers) or "Would you let your boyfriend have a stripper at his bachelor party?" These lines got people engaged and curious and obviously there are some steps from there that we will learn in future episodes.

So basically they are feeling confident in their look and entering a social situation with a game plan. I can't wait to see what comes next. By far the most fulfilling moment in the show was when one of the competitors was absolutely paralyzed with fear and walked out of the club...but then after talking to the pick up artist and his posse, overcame his fear and went back into the club. And when he tried, it worked! It worked like a charm. He had two beautiful women engaged and talking to him. Sadly though, the experience was so frightening to him that he asked to be eliminated at the end of the episode. The pick up artist explained to him that this was a turning point in his life, that it wasn't just about women any more. But I guess he just wasn't ready to grow. He chose to leave.