August 12th, 2007

socks and cat

fireworks in Seattle

So Shane and I were on our way to Blockbuster tonight when we spotted fireworks in the sky. They appeared to be over Lake Union. What's up with the fireworks over Lake Union tonight?
socks and cat

Anyone want my 10 year old laptop?

Technically this is not my first laptop, although it is the first lap top I have ever used. The last one I got I donated to a gal recovering from a hit and run because she had no way to keep in touch with her friends while laid up in the recovery nursing home. So I never used it. Then there is the ancient one in my closet. I have no idea how I got it and I never used it. But it appears to be '97 or '98 laptop running windows 95. It probably has a Pentium 200 with 48 megs of ram. It works great. I have a nice case for it with all the accessories. It also has a "Starfleet Command" game and "Zork Nemesis." What should I do with it? Is there any place I can donate a super old computer that can actually use it for something?