August 7th, 2007

socks and cat

watch this tv show

If you have cable and get VH1, I highly recommend you try and catch the first episode of a new show called "The Pick Up Artist." I assume they will re-run it a few more times this week. Basically a group of very awkward, shy, scared of women geeks are going to be trained by a master pick up artist in a competitive reality show. In the first episode we got to watch said geeks go into a club full of beautiful women and strike out one after the other, miserably. After they left, the master pick up artist (the star of the show) and his team went into the same club and within seconds had beautiful all over them, buying them drinks, having a good time with them, snuggling up to them, trying to get them to stay when they were ready to leave, etc.

The thing I like about this show is that the master pick up artist is NOT going to teach them tricks to pick up women. Instead, his goal is to completely transform these men from the inside out. He wants to change their lives and give them tools they can use to craft a life they can be proud of so that they grow into confident, happy, outgoing men. In other words, his goal is to do for men what my goal is to do for women: teaching confidence from the inside out.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what kinds of tools he gives them and how these men completely transform themselves and their lives. In a tv world of "lightly scripted" reality shows and reality shows that are purposely cast with conflicting personalities and situations in order to create's so wonderful to see one in which people are going to work together to create happier, more fulfilling lives.
back - photo by Rayce

I got this computer, did I do okay?

I only went to Costco to price computers, I didn't realize I would actually BUY one! And now I don't even know if I did the right thing (I can return it if I did not). I think I purchased partly out of shopping frustration. I stopped at Best Buy first and nothing there was quite right. At first I thought I found a Toshiba that was everything I wanted for under $1,000. But then I realized that it also had something I didn't want, the wrong kind of processor. I only want Intel. So then I found one by Sony that had all the same features as the Toshiba, but with Intel, but it was $1,200 and the monitor was too small. I left Best Buy feeling like I would never find exactly what I want.

That's when I hit Costco and saw this computer. My first thought was that $1,000 was a good deal. Then I saw the coupon for $150 off and knew I had to have it. But I didn't want to buy it until I could go home and look up the reviews online. I checked with customer service to see how many they had and she said they only had 80 in stock and expected it to be sold out within a day or two. So I had to grab it.

But when I got home I couldn't find the model online. I can't find reviews. I can't find it for sale anywhere else so I can see if I can get a better price. Did HP make this just for Costco? And what the heck is a 5-in-1 Digital Media Reader and ExpressCard™/54 Slot? And does this thing have a decent graphics card? I also got this docking station because it is EXACTLY what I have been looking (a station that raises the monitor so you don't have to look down when using the computer at home).